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By Wellpets Vets, Mar 1 2017 02:58PM

Do you own a large breed dog? Have you heard of Cardiomyopathy – the ‘Silent Killer’?

As part of our philosophy of being pro-active about health care, Wellpets are currently offering a heavily discounted blood test which screens for this common disease of large or giant breed dogs over the age of 3.

What is DCM?

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a serious condition that causes abnormal enlargement of the heart. It starts with a long ‘silent’ phase during which dogs appear normal, happy and healthy. This is then followed by a shorter ‘overt’ phase during which the heart starts to fail and clinical signs and symptoms start to show.

Why get my dog screened?

During the ‘silent’ phase, there are often no signs that your vet can pick up just by looking at/listening to your dog. A simple blood test screen can reveal whether there is any cause for concern and whether we need to be proactive about investigating further. Ultimately, screening is designed to uncover any possible underlying disease so that it can be managed, and promote a longer, healthier life.

What does the screening involve?

A trip to see your vet for a check-over and blood sample to be taken. This is usually a quick and straight-forward procedure.

What if results are suggestive of DCM?

Your vet will discuss results with you and may suggest an ultrasound scan to fully assess your dog’s heart size and function.

What does the test cost?

If you have a large breed dog, we strongly suggest that you bring him/her in for a check-up so that we can assess whether he/she would benefit from a heart blood test. We are offering a reduced consultation price of £25 for this and the blood test is free of charge (normal price £103.08).

Dogs eligible for this offer:

All dogs over 25kg

Offer ends June 30th 2017

Don’t delay, give us a call today to arrange an appointment.

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