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Nurse Clinics



Our nurses are on hand to offer free nurse clinics; they can give advice on a variety of healthcare issues. These nurse clinics include:


Anal Gland check

The anal glands are small sacs that are located just inside the anus. They contain strong smelling fluid and sometimes these may become full and uncomfortable, often causing the dog to scoot around on the floor or chew at their tail. Our nurses are able to express anal glands and offer advice on how to control the problem.


Weight Clinics

It is very common for dogs and cats to put on weight after they have been neutered, this is due to their reduced calorie requirement. If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, we offer free weight clinics for your pet to come in and be weighed by the nurse. They can also offer advice on weight loss or weight gain if necessary.


Worming and Flea treatment

flea and worming treatments can be very specific to your pet, they can vary based on the animals lifestyle and their weight. Our nurses can assist you with selecting the right treatment for you and your pet, apply the treatment for you and will be happy to show you some top tips on how to do these important routine procedures at home.


Senior Pet Clinics

As cats and dogs age, just like humans, their bodies begin to experience effects of wear and tear. Older pets are prone to certain conditions such as; diabetes, arthritis, kidney problems and dental disease. By recognising and managing these issues early on, we can help slow their progression. We believe that the best treatment is preventative, therefore we offer Senior Pet Nurse Clinics for all cats and dogs over the age of 7 to help detect any problems at the earliest possible stage. These clinics include a comprehensive blood test to check your pet’s major internal organs, a nurse health check, urine analysis and weight and dental advice.


Dental Checks

During these clinics the nurse can check your pet’s gums and teeth for any sign of tartar build up and gingivitis, she will then be able to advise you on a variety of different methods for looking after your pet’s mouth.


Puppy and Kitten checks

These clinics are a perfect opportunity for your new puppy or kitten to get to know the surgery and have a positive experience at the vets! Our nurses can give lots of advice on taking care of your new arrival, including feeding, vaccination, neutering, flea and worm treatments, basic training and more. Any worries or issues you may have you can talk them through with the nurse.


Nail Clipping

If you have trouble clipping your dog, cat or rabbit’s nails or are worried about how to go about doing it we have nurse nail clip appointments available.


Post operative checks

after your pet has had a routine operation such as a neutering or dental, the nurse is able to conduct post operative checks to monitor how well they are recovering. They can advise you on how best to care for your pet at this time.



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