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Arthritis is the most common medical condition of older dogs, and we tend to forget it starts in middle age! So if your dog is hitting 6 or 7, (even earlier for larger dogs) it’s a good idea to start thinking about the long term health of his or her joints. Healthy joints means mobility and freedom, arthritic ones the painful opposite.

Like a lot of things in life, early diagnosis and treatment is the key. Once the smooth, slippery surface inside the joint is worn away, it’s very hard to bring back.

But unlike most people, dogs are stoic. They have to be, as like most animals on Earth (except us it seems) their survival instinct tells them to suppress signs of pain and disability. This is because in the wild, animals who appear sick are those selectively hunted by predators. Dogs have never forgotten this.

So the signs of arthritis in your dog may be very subtle. You might notice signs of weight gain, sleeping more, decreased interest in playing, and a change in attitude or alertness. Maybe your dog is less excited to greet you than last year, or is very careful about climbing stairs when he used to bound up. Sometimes there’ll be no signs at all of his or her discomfort; he or she is just that good at hiding it.

Fortunately there is someone who can see through your dog’s stoicism, your Wellpets vet! We know how to detect arthritic joints, and if necessary we have the best arthritis-detector of all: the Xray.

And there’s loads of treatment options now too if your dog has arthritis in one or more joints which can make a big difference. So all you have to do to keep your dog as active, mobile and pain free as long as possible is book an appointment at your nearest Wellpets clinic today!


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December 2016 Winter Newsletter

They both look forward to welcoming you to our Worle branch open Mon - Fri 8.30am - 7pm & Sat 12 - 4pm.



Headed up by our fantastic qualified veterinary nurse Lucy, we run 4 week Puppy Socialisation courses at Wellpets Clevedon, During the course, you and your puppy will learn about the importance of socialisation, basic training commands and techniques. This is a great way of getting your puppy used to the practice and team, as well as associating a visit to the vets with a fun experience! All puppies graduate with a fabulous goody bag and certificate for the mantelpiece!

If you would like to sign up to the next course, please give us a call on 01275 874851. The 4 week course is £30 per puppy and runs 12-1pm every Friday, and is open to clients and non-clients

Classes will also be held at our Worle branch on Ebdon Road, subject to availability, please register your interest.





Suzanna Border

Receptionist at our Worle branch

Lucy Hudson RVN

Qualified Veterinary Nurse at our Worle branch

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To sign up to the Pet Health Club, pop in to your nearest Wellpets branch today.


We are excited to announce several new members of staff to our Wellpets Family, who look forward to meeting you and your pets!

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Smokey was brought into the practice earlier this month by a member of the public who witnessed her being involved in a road traffic accident. Unfortunately she had extensive injuries to the left side of her head and a very broken left front leg. At the time Smokey had no form of identification so we were unable to track down her owners. She was stabilised on oxygen therapy and her vital signs were monitored closely. Our vet assessed Smokey’s condition and administered strong pain relief to help keep her comfortable. Due to the extent of her injuries and to prevent further suffering, the decision was made to amputate Smokey’s severely damaged front leg (apologies for gory photo!).

Following surgery she made a fantastic improvement and started to enjoy fuss and cuddles from the staff. As her owners had not come forward our lovely Nurse Lucy took Smokey home to help her recover and to administer her medication. Luckily through the power of Facebook Smokey’s owners were eventually found and she is now back at home enjoying life on three legs. Smokey stole our hearts and we are so happy that she has been reunited with her family. We wish her all the best and hope she continues to improve.

It is our pleasure to award her Pet of the Month for November!

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